Monday, November 17, 2008

New Orleans Streetscapes

Recently Rebecca posted "Maybe I'm an Impressionist," where she took on the idea of global thinkers as opposed to detail people. I concluded that I'm definitely a global thinker. My (detail-oriented) husband could have told you I'm not about details. It's the big picture, people.

So now I'm noticing this difference everywhere I go. And sometimes, like today, it makes me laugh.

We got new furniture yesterday, a barter with a friend who's moving. It's not what I would have chosen if I were going to pick all by myself, but it's very beautiful. It's definitely Billy's style: traditional and a little ornate. I can't help but love it. Especially since it replaces the freecycle futon we've had for so long.

I told Billy it looks like married people live here now. Now that we have furniture, I'm thinking about paint and curtains. And art. I could picture exactly what I wanted. A New Orleans streetscape. Deep, saturated color. Oils.

So Billy and I browsed Allposters together. "That doesn't match our furniture," he said. "It's sort of weird and ethereal. See?" Then he found some different prints. "This is nice. Clean, straight lines."

And, I noticed, details. Traditional, realistic details.

How funny that this idea of global versus detail thinkers came full circle when we were looking at paintings.

We haven't purchased any art. Maybe another day. Maybe we'll find just the right thing that's a perfect blend of what we both like. Or not.


Billy said...

It's new orleans - someone was smoking dope and painted those "impressionistic" pictures. Not complicated.

Charity Grace said...

Hahahaha...I don't think so. I still love them. :)