Monday, October 31, 2005

Let Your Kids Name Themselves

Once when we were trying to decide on a name for one of our then-unborn munchkins, an adoptive mom friend joked, "Just let your kids name themselves. That's what we did."

I thought of that this morning when trying to decide on blog nicknames for my children. I asked the 4-year-old oldest, "If you could be named anything in the world besides your real name, what would it be?"

"Princess Buttercup," she said. (What is it with little girls and princess obsessions?)

When I asked my 2-year-old middle child, he said, as he's told us before, "Alligator Guy." (What is it with little boys and reptilian obsessions?)

We call the baby Missy Boo (just one of many delicious nicknames) at home, so I guess that will be her name for here as well.

As for the Preacher and me...Well, we're easy to figure out.

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