Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Family Update

Late again. Oh well.

One of the funnest things we got to do last week was to visit my parents on Monday. They raised a hog for us (we payed for feed and processing) and it was ready to be picked up. It was a great excuse to spend the afternoon with them. We were all sad that we had to leave so soon. Elizabeth and Silas were glad that they got to help feed chickens and milk Hildi, the Jersey cow, before they left.

Friday night some dear ladies at church hosted a parents' night out for us busy moms and dads so that we could have a date and do some Christmas shopping. Billy took me to a lovely seafood restaurant and we went outlet mall shopping afterward. We found some great gifts as well as some badly-needed towels on sale.

On Saturday we put up our Christmas tree. I love a fresh tree, at least as long as I remember to water it...The kids enjoyed decorating and it looks so pretty with the lights on. Elizabeth is my biggest helper when it comes to hanging the lights.

Sarah decided to start crawling this week, which is so adorable, but also interesting timing now that we have all these Christmas decorations up! It was a week of milestones for her. She has also pulled up to a standing position and given her first on-purpose hugs. She's such a daddy's girl. When she wakes up in the morning, if she is in bed with us (which happens more often than not) the first thing she does is flop over to see if Billy is still there. If he is, she harrasses him unmercifully until he plays with her. Then she is happy. She saves her very biggest smiles for him.

Sunday night was the adult choir musical at church. It turned out beautifully. Our director and others worked so hard to put it together, and all their efforts payed off. At the last minute, Sarah was chosen to be a live baby Jesus instead of the doll we had planned to use. I was so nervous, especially since I was a soloist and couldn't have slipped out to take care of her if she cried. She did great though. In fact, she fell asleep, even with music booming around her. I'm sure it helped that our Mary is one of her favorite people, and a very gentle, nurturing person at that.

The Chrismas season is so busy, and this week is shaping up to be a crazy one. We try to remember, though, in the midst of the busyness, not to lose our focus and to keep the joy of the season in our hearts. I hope all of you have joyful weeks as well!

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