Friday, June 13, 2008


Our a/c is out, as in completely dead. Which wouldn't be so bad if we didn't live in the subtropics with temps over 90 and 1,000% humidity. OK, it could be a lot worse and I'm not complaining. The house is bearable in the morning, so we are trying to get our housework done first thing. Then we have a small portable unit in the master bedroom where we can do school and quiet work and play when it gets hotter. And hopefully we'll come up with a permanent fix soon. Till then, we grin and bear it!

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Mobunny said...

Oh No!
Sorry about your a.c..
I know the humidity makes it LOTS worse. I grew up in Kansas and we only ran the a.c. in the afternoon and never at night........because we slept in a basement and it was always cool. At least you have a little relief from a window unit.