Tuesday, June 17, 2008

World's Best Chocolate Pie

No, really. It is the best. This is what I made for Father's Day.

Nana's Old-fashioned Chocolate Pie

2 c. sugar
3/4 c. flour
1/2 c. cocoa powder
Dash salt
6 egg yokes (save whites for meringue)
3 c. whole milk

Whisk sugar, flour, cocoa powder, salt, and milk together. Beat egg yokes and mix well. Cook over medium heat till filling is very thick, stirring constantly. Be careful not to burn!

Place in 2 baked pie shells. Use whites to make meringue. (Instructions here since I don't have time to type it all in.) Top pie and brown in a 350 degree oven till golden. Cool and enjoy. Because you WILL enjoy it!


Jen said...

I can't wait to try this! Charlie's g'ma was the quenn of chocolate pies in his family and when she passed away, we scoured her house for the recipe with mo luck. I've been hunting and hunting for a recipe that will work and since hubby's bday is this weekend, I'm going to give this a try as a surprise! God's timing is ever so good!

Charity Grace said...

Jen, this is a real old-fashioned cream pie. One of our dear church members/adopted mamas in Mississippi gave it to us,and let me tell you, she was some kind of cook. I hope it turns out well for you!

Jen said...

I have one little question before I attempt this...did you bake the filling before adding the meringue? Some recipes call for that and others don't. I'm guessing you don't since it isn't included in the instructions but thought I would check. I can't wait to surprise Charlie!

Charity Grace said...

No, I don't bake before I put on the meringue. Just brown it a bit after.

Jen said...

I made it this afternoon...oh my! It looks just like his g'ma's and so luscious! Thanks for this gem of a recipe!!! I can't wait to surprise him when he come in later:) I dare say we won't be able to resist diving in! And, I have an extra to bless another family, which I just love...

Charity Grace said...

Yay! So glad!