Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day in My Life-August

This month I'm joining Little Jenny Wren's "Day in My Life." A bit late, but still...

Billy was out of town for the night and I'm sick, so we slept in this morning till almost 8. I woke with Sarah, my darling 3-year-old, snuggled in my bed and Baby Grace's blue eyes peeking at me over the edge of the co-sleeper. What a great way to start the morning!

Otherwise, my whole morning felt off-kilter since I felt so bad that I pretty much just fell into bed last night without making usual preparations for the next day. No one had clothes laid out, I didn't know what to fix for breakfast, and everything seemed to take twice as long as usual.

Finally everyone was clothed, beds were made, and Elizabeth had practiced her piano. I made old-fashioned oatmeal. My kids love this with cane syrup, which is sort of like Molasses. Mmmm...I love it too.

Normally Elizabeth starts her school work after breakfast, but it's rained a lot lately and the kids haven't been able to spend much time outside, so I let them play this morning. It's a beautiful day. We'll do lessons later, when it's too hot to be outside. Elizabeth showed me the "spear" she made, she says for spearing flounder. A friend told her how they used to spear flounder at night, and it has captured her imagination.

While they played outside, I began my housework. I felt flustered and scattered and realized that I hadn't yet spent time with God this morning. I've been hanging out in Proverbs 31, which tells about the ideal wife. I think I needed the encouragement and inspiration of this hard-working lady. I usually feel completely overwhelmed by all there is to do to run a household, homeschool, maintain friendships, and reach out to others, as well as keeping a strong marriage with my sweet husband. I know I don't need to be superwoman, but there is a way to get it all done, somehow.

In addition to housecleaning and nursing sweet baby, I washed a few of my "hand wash only" skirts, and hung them out to dry. I do "big" laundry every other day, and special things like this in between.

I made a quick batch of cookies and fed the kids lunch. Afterward I put the littles down for quiet time, cleaned the kitchen and did school work with Elizabeth. And snuggled and fed the baby. So sweet.

Late afternoon: I tidied the bedroom area of the house and worked on preparations for our coming homeschool year while the kids played outside.

I had promised Elizabeth pancakes for supper, but I really didn't have the time to make them, so I asked her if she wanted to. Of course my little cook said yes. She was so proud and I made sure that I praised her efforts. Let's just say that I'll give a little more assistance next time.

Billy got home as I was bathing the kids. It was so good to have him home, even after just one night. After we put the kids to bed we visited for a little while and watched the last episode of 24: Season 5 and then we turned in ourselves.

And obviously I didn't get this posted last night. So here it is this morning!


Bobbie said...

I understand the overwhelming feelings of having so much to do! But God will give us energy to do everything he wants us to get done! I too love that oatmeal.... and if I dont do my night chores.... I am lost in the morning!

Kelly said...

Aren't the lives of mommies just packed to the brim?! I love that paisley print on your clothesline (I had to keep scrolling up to see it again, LOL) and the picture of your little one's hand...way too precious for words. :O)

Martha A. said...

Your skirts look so pretty!