Friday, August 01, 2008

Frugal No-Sew Pillow Hack

Several years ago we ditched our delapidated old couch for a Freecycle futon. I saved the old couch's original pillows, though, and re-covered them in some upholstery fabric someone gave me.

They've gotten kind of grungy, being used for naps, forts, and pillow fights.

When I re-covered them, I made 2 of them reversible by putting different fabric on the opposite side. Since I rarely display this side, they are still looking pretty good.

With the 3rd pillow (which didn't have a reversible side), I used a piece of dollar a yard cotton from my stash and wrapped it like a gift. Safety pins in back.

I could have sewn it, but I didn't have time.

I finished it off with a length of grosgrain ribbon--a dollar for a big roll at Big Lots--also from my stash.

I also had this pillow, which I think is really cute. I especially love the color combination. But I don't really have an appropriate place to display something that says "Mommy Time Out."

A scrap of cotton someone gave me and a scrap of ribbon from a gift...

Fold, wrap around the middle, and pin...

Here's the front.

Tied with lavender.

Voila! So much lighter and brighter! If I count materials I actually bought, the total cost is less than $3. But I don't usually count the cost of stuff that's been in my stash for a long time.

And time? Ten minutes, tops.


Malphi said...

What a lovely idea to spruce up a cushion. Simple and so effective X

JAN said...

Those are beautiful! You did a great job. :-)

Anonymous said...

What great ideas!!!