Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finding My Way

It's amazing how quickly things return to "normal." On the other hand, it's amazing how long it takes to find one's rhythm again after a natural disaster like a hurricane.

The area is being cleaned up and repaired as quickly as can be expected, thanks to a well-planned infrastructure and the dedicated work of many volunteers bringing help and relief supplies. Electricity is back (except for some of those whose homes were flooded or destroyed with the water from Ike...a double whammy), and most of the stores are open that will be re-opening--which is nearly all. The mountains of fallen trees that lined both sides of our street have been picked up. People go about their daily lives as normal, for the most part. This was our first rodeo, so it's amazing to see recovery happen. People who have lived here all their lives have stories to tell of many storms they've weathered. I told Billy, it's no wonder some of them begin to feel that they're bulletproof.

We're finally establishing a groove after our homeschool year got off to a rocky start. We had school even while we were evacuated, but it's hard to give it 100% when things aren't normal. I feel fortunate though--local schools were closed for weeks.

I've worked out something of a routine...a flexible schedule of sorts. We hurry with morning chores and start school shortly after Billy leaves for work. I get Elizabeth started and when she's able to work alone I work with the middle ones on phonics, math, and other pre-K and Kindergarten skills. We work hard and try to finish the most intensive part of our work by noon. That (theoretically) frees the afternoon for housework, as well as tea parties and other such fun. Fall is here! Time for tea!

I find that Elizabeth, especially, thrives on routine. It feels good to know what to expect, what's going to happen next. I think it's particularly helpful after a month of limbo.

This has been far more boring than I intended. Now that we're functioning at something more like normal, I hope to resurrect this blog and write lots more often. I love to write here...It's the only real hobby I indulge right now, except for the every-so-often crafting. See you around!


Patty said...

its hard to get back to normal after something like a hurricane !
Glad to see you are doing ok

Mobunny said...

We did 3 days of school.....then IKE came!
School is not totally blown away for this year.......we just need to try harder to stay on the path.