Monday, January 12, 2009

Charity Grace Re-launch

Well, this poor little blog is dying on the vine lately due to my deplorably inconsistent posting.

Not that it was every really thriving anyway. The main reason I blog is for myself, but this little pink place has turned into a mishmash of whatever was on my mind, veering wildly between theology, art, and personal musings with no real center.

It's all important, but a successful blog needs a narrower focus.

In that spirit, I've decided to distill the purpose of Charity Grace. Its main reason for existence will be to serve as a place for my own creative discipline as I explore some of the beautiful things in my life--crafting, cooking, homemaking and so forth. I've learned so much just by blogging. It's the only thing I do purely for fun (with the exception of an occasional craft), yet it's benefited many areas of my life.

That said, I've been enormously encouraged and influenced by the beautiful blogs others write. I hope that in limiting the focus of my blog, I might be an encouragement to someone in simple creativity.

For the 3 of you who read regularly, here are some things you can look for during my re-launch, which will begin
February 1

Greater focus. Charity Grace will revolve around homemaking and simple craft, which will encompas cooking, gardening, and decorating as well as uncomplicated creativity in home and art.

More consistent posting. I'm aiming for 3 times per week, even if it's just an inspiring photo or quote. However, my goal is for posts to be meaningful and fit the new creative focus of the blog.

A seriously pared-down sidebar. Even though I've tried to categorize, my blog roll is an alphabet soup of blogs I like to read, many of which have no unifying element. Don't worry, if I've linked to your blog I am subscribing to it via google reader. I love all the blogs I've linked to, and I want to keep up with each one! (This will also be a time-saver for me which will hopefully enable me to produce more quality work.)

Giveways and carnivals during re-launch week. My giveaways will be in the spirit of vintage inspiration and simple craft. I'm also planning a carnival of simple craft.

Do come check it out!


Marion said...

I think everything sounds wonderful and I am looking forward to it!

Arizona Mama said...

Looking forward to it, cuz! I still pop in here when you post. I haven't done ANYTHING with my blog in almost a YEAR! Sheesh!

Donetta said...

Follow your heart. Walk into your vision. I am so glad you do something just for fun, just for you. We all need to remember to do fun stuff.