Friday, December 26, 2008

Orderliness and Routine

Last year, Cherry presented the idea of choosing a word for the year. I chose two for 2008:

streamline and organize.

It seems having a word or two to focus on worked. I streamlined and organized a lot this year. We had a big garage sale and took truckloads of stuff to Goodwill. I try to continue to take a bag or two every few weeks. I minimized clothing and streamlined my laundry routine. I organized my pantry and other key areas, although there's still a long way to go. (I did not, however, streamline my cooking. Healthful meals and food allergies don't go very well with minimal time in the kitchen.)

This year I'm choosing two words as well:

orderliness and routine.

These words run on a parallel track to the words I chose last year, I think. They will keep me moving in the same direction. Besides the simple fact that it's good for grownups to have well-ordered surroundings and a workable routine, it's especially important for my kids. And out of my kids, there's one in particular who needs more order and structure. So that is my direction for the year.

The domestic work of Carl Larsson personifies this kind of order to me. I love his work pictured above, "Flowers on the Windowsill." It's tidy and peaceful, full of the routine of daily living. It's a visual reminder of the qualities I hope my life will one day embody.


Meredith@MerchantShips said...

I am a lover of Carl Larssen, as well.

Kudos to you for carrying out your goals for the year!

Jen said...

Those are the EXACT two words I shared with my husband for where I want to go with our children this year! Let's pray for each other...for me, it will be a long road:)

Donetta said...

These things= peace and security in a childs life