Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Seven Random Things

1. Well, I was on a roll when we went on vacation and I got sick. Yes, simultaneously.

Billy's also recovering, I'm still hacking, and the kids are snotty, so life is in the slow lane. Grace isn't complaining, but she's been up a lot at night and I'm a zombie. Billy ordered me to drink tea and watch TV today (awwww...sweet...), and I'm loosely interpreting that to mean clean the bedroom so I don' t want to cry/have a panic attack/throw up every time I peek in the door and blog. My brain is working in a very low gear, but those are two things I can't mess up too badly, I guess.

2. It's satsuma season again. I love those little easy-to-peel mandarins. So do my kids. We went through half a five-gallon bucket (from a friend's tree) in about 2 days.

3. I love my new Ergo! Wearing baby is so much more comfortable than any other carrier I've used, and she's much happier too.

4. For those of you who know my sister or used to read her blog, she has a new baby boy. This makes boy #3 and he is such a cutie! I was sufficiently recovered to see him on Thanksgiving day (two days after his home birth), but I didn't get too close and I certainly didn't hold him. Didn't want to take chances. I enjoyed him from afar, though.

5. I organized my pantry. That's another thing that was just about giving me panic attacks. Considering the frequent disarray of various areas of our home, I'm sure my husband doesn't believe me when I say disorganized messes make me physically ill. They just paralyze me, which is why they stay the way they do. I feel so happy every time I look into that orderly pantry!

6. I got pantry organizers in a most unorthodox way. Our freezer died (probably from power surges during Hurricane Gustav) and we had to get a new one. The wire baskets from the old freezer were perfect for the pantry shelves.

7. I've come up with a non-food reward for myself when I'm working through a really big job. I don't have time to sit down and read blogs like I used to, so I treat myself to a crafty or homey blog when I've finished a work milestone. Just one. Then on to the next chunk of work.

It suppose it's silly, but I get to read the blogs I love, my work gets done (somewhat), and it's noncaloric. I've lost 10 pounds in the last couple months, so I guess it's working.


Debra said...

Hey Charity! Love your ideas in this post... terrific, really. Oh, and I just read your request about the vintage books I enjoy, so here's a post which lists many of my favorite authors:

Hope that helps! Have a wonderful day....and thanks for visiting me! Debra

Donetta said...

I hope your feeling better. Enjoy the tea. I need to make a tea cozy my pot gets cold to quickly now its winter in the desert.

Debra said...

Hi Charity--just thought I'd pop back over here today to bring you some get well wishes... I do hope you are feeling bettertoday! Blessings, Debra