Wednesday, March 04, 2009

One Who Has Friends Must Show Herself Friendly

You cannot receive affection unless you will also give it. You cannot find others to love you, unless you also will love them. Love is only to be obtained by giving love in return. It is important to cultivate a cheerful and obliging disposition. You cannot be happy without it.

I have sometimes heard a girl say, "I know that I am very unpopular at school." Now this is a plain confession that she is very disobliging and unamiable in her disposition.

If your companions do not love you, it is your own fault. They cannot help loving you if you will be kind and friendly.

~The Original McGuffey's Eclectic Third Reader, 1837


Anonymous said...

How hurtful.

Jennifer said...

Something good for me to think on thanks!

Charity Grace said...

Anonymous, I'm sorry you found this hurtful. I thought it was an interesting viewpoint in light of my own experience. I used to not be very well liked by many people, until I realized that the problem was mainly with myself. Personally, I interacted poorly with others and then felt sorry for myself when I was "unpopular." As I am kind, self-sacrificing, loving, and friendly toward others, they are increasingly warmer toward me. And if they continue to be hostile, even when I pour out love toward them, then I figure they have bigger problems than me.

Mobunny said...

Very good thought! Very true! If we are friendless, there is a reason. If we have many friends, there is also a reason!