Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Growing Things

We're planning a garden this year and I'm excited. I grew up gardening. We've had a garden on and off, but having 3 spring babies over 5 years, my gardening involvement was limited.

Still, I couldn't wait for us to finish making garden beds. We had a few herbs growing experimentally in a little strip outside the front door. I threw a packet of lettuce seed out between the herbs and watered them a time or two.

It came up and it's growing day by day. My kids love to give me the lettuce report. I had to stop them from pulling up--and eating--all my baby lettuces.

There's something about growing veggies themselves that makes kids want to eat them. This morning we read about the Garden of Eden and I asked them to describe their ideal gardens.

Elizabeth (8): "My garden would have a silver and golden wall all around it and lots of flowers inside, with a secret gate. There would be a pink sparkly mail box and a castle in the middle."

Silas (5): "I don't know."

Sarah (3): "My garden would have a pink sparkly couch in the middle. And carrots and celery. When the rabbits came to eat the carrots, I would shoot them with a BB gun! And there would be a fort around the outside to keep bugs and rabbits out."

A side note: My computer's on the blink, so posting may be light for a few days!


Mobunny said...

I ate my first radish out of my garden today. It was YUMMY! That's about as good as I get. A few radishes a year.........

Jennifer said...

Hello, I want to thank you for the beautiful washcloth. I opened it today, as we were gone to Florida for the past week. It is very pretty and I love how stretchy it is!

Hillary said...

Awww I love Elizabeth's garden! I hope she wouldn't mind a frequent visitor! I would be curled up in the corner with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Marion said...

I have been neglecting blogger lately, but I wanted to let you know that I love the look of your site. It is so pretty and I adore all of the pictures you have put together. I am very jealous that you are ready to plant your garden. At most we could be starting seeds inside here. Also, those oatmeal bars sound yummy!