Friday, February 06, 2009

Carnival of Simple Craft Delayed

::~azaleas in vintage aqua pitcher~::

This week has hardly gone as planned. Wednesday afternoon, my 22 year old brother broke his neck in a car accident. When you hear "broken neck" of course you automatically fear the worst. However, we received excellent news from the neurologist yesterday. He will be in a brace for several months, but full recovery is expected. We are so thankful to God!

In light of that, all my preparations for the carnival fell by the wayside and truthfully flew right out of my mind until Erica mentioned it this morning. OH DEAR!!!

So the carnival is delayed until Monday. That will give me time to finish my tutorial and figure out Mr. Linky--two things I was supposed to do over the past few days. I apologize. This is my first carnival and I hate to change it up...But obviously more important things have taken precedence. Thank you for your patience!

P.S. I will draw for Sunday with Stevie in a little while. I haven't forgotten that!


Jenniffer said...

So glad your brother is going to be alright. I can imagine how stressful the last few days have been. I hope your weekend is filled with peace!

Chelsey said...

Just found your blog via thatmom-- I am so impressed! Thanks for the "So Much More" review last March.

Also, I love your Carl Larsson pictures down the side! He is my favorite artist for his depictions of domestic life and beautiful homes.

Thanks for the encouragement!