Monday, February 06, 2006


I had the scary realization the other day that my youth is fast falling behind me. Seventy's items are now considered vintage. Funny, I thought all those hideous orange and gold plaid pants and cycadelic modern prints were just outdated--but no, they are now "vintage". How long will it be before those ugly little blue and pink geese from the 80's will be sold for a pretty penny as "charming vintage decor", or somebody's acid washed skinny jeans will be "vintage clothing" at some upscale consingment shop? And what does this make me--a vintage 70's chick? Someone who hails from the olden days? Do Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, and that Glo Worm thingy now fall in with Raggedy Ann and the first teddy bear? When I am 70, even 50--heck, when I get my first gray hair--you can call stuff from my childhood "vintage"--but I'm not even 30 yet!

It's really unnerving to read craft blogs and see someone gushing over the "vintage" patterns she got, and realize that I wore a size 2T outfit in that very style. So how old is she--12?

Well, I guess if you can't fight 'em join 'em. I could always don a puffy-sleeved peasant blouse and bell bottoms and open a vintage clothing boutique. I can let my glasses slide down my nose, peer over the top, and say to little girls who come shopping with their grandmas, "This is what people wore a loooong time ago--when I was a little girl!"

On second thought, maybe that's not such a good idea. I guess I will just have to subject myself to the outrage and learn to age gracefully. Except that I'm not aging. Yet. I'm just outdated, not vintage. Really.


Windy said...


Your commentary is all too true! Made me laugh. :) I am almost 35 and telling myself 50, ok 60 isn't so bad. :) I have those grey hairs you talk about and yes, they will find you too!! :) But I am also looking forward to aquiring my years and hopefully more wisdow. The bible speaks of grey hair in proverbs... It is a sign of a righteous life. :) I welcome my greys. :)

It is very comforting knowing that the 80's have not hit vintage yet... It was hard enough for the 70's vintage thing to be going on. LOL VINTAGE!!!! Ugh! Can I say it again... VINTAGE!!!!! When did we become vintage?! :)

One 70's chic to another!

Teisha said...

Stephanie, I am a 70's 'older' woman and I already have grey hairs! You should feel lucky you don't have any yet:-)

Pastor Steve said...

As a baby of 1970, I used to look at my toddler pictures and wonder why on earth my parents would have dressed me the way they did. You know the look...knit shirt with a zipper front and wide horizontal stripes in dull 70's orange and green.

So now, we go shopping for clothes for my boy, and what do you think I see...that same's back! Complete with the little ring on the zipper! Uuuggghhhhhhh. Next will be the rust colored corduroy jumper and polyester shirt with a big floppy collar.

Don't worry, Ethan, Daddy won't make you look like that!

Charity Grace said...

*L* Y'all are so funny. Yeah, I know it's just matter of time till I find a gray hair. Come on, Pastor Steve, you don't the like orange and green look? Just kidding...:)