Friday, May 05, 2006

Crazy Week

If you've been waiting for a letter, phone call, or email from me, please don't give up. This week has not exactly gone as planned. The chaos culminated yesterday in quite a few hours spent at the doctor stitching up a gash in Elizabeth's head. She fell backward in a chair and ended up with a 1 inch long, pretty deep wound. She now has 5 stitches, and God blessed us with a lady doctor who took great care to only remove a few hairs so Elizabeth wouldn't have a bald spot in her long blonde hair. Elizabeth is fine and we're grateful that it wasn't worse. However that, along with other things this week, has put me behind. If I'm not able to be online through the weekend, don't give up on me. Hopefully next week will be better! Now I'm going to turn off my computer for the day so I don't succomb to it's siren song and spend my morning on the web instead of in the laundry room. *G*

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