Tuesday, August 15, 2006

God Uses Fools

I’m disgusted, frustrated, saddened sometimes by the abrasiveness, the tackiness, the lack of creativity and grace I see among too many Christians, including myself. Yet I take comfort in the fact that God uses us in spite of ourselves sometimes. I’ve seen a sappy spiritual exercise resonate with, touch, revolutionize the life of someone else. I’ve seen families be transformed because their child attended a tacky, cutesy vacation Bible school. I’ve seen abrasive, confrontational preachers reach people with the gospel of Christ, and I’ve seen those reached by those preachers in turn go on to do great things for God. I’ve seen the social struggler invite one person to church and seen whole extended families turned upside down—in a good way—because of it. I’ve seen the eccentric reach out and bless others. It's sweet encouragement to me that God can use me even though I'm sometimes foolish or inept.

That’s why I appreciated this article by Daniel Silliman. I knew Daniel (now a crime reporter) when we were kids, and his mom and sister Valerie are two dear friends of mine. In this case, God used a crazy street preacher named Lindsey to change the course of a life and family forever.


Daniel Silliman said...


TulipGirl said...

I "knew" Jenny online years ago when I was a new mother, and found her to be encouraging. I stil check in on Daniel and Valerie from time to time online. . . even though they don't know me from Eve.

Valerie said...

Ah...I would have said the same about "tulipgirl" thats the funny thing about being online, you don't know who knows you.

I have a letter for you Steph, which I'll be sending out this week. I loved getting your letter. It came when I was still in Atlanta, and I wrote you there, but have since been swamped during all but sleeping hours. Things are easing up a little, though it will be pretty hectic this year. I do have free phone calling on weekends now, so we should talk sometime soon.