Thursday, March 08, 2007


I used to dread spring, and the hot, humid summer that was sure to follow. It was my least favorite time of year.

For some reason, that's changed. I still love September through Christmas, crunching leaves, wood fires, and the holidays, but I also look forward to spring. Gardens, skirts, flip-flops, fresh vegetables, SUNSHINE. As the gray days of winter drag on, I crave springtime. It's here. I've had windows open all day to let the sunshine and fresh air in, there's a vase of lilies of the valley in my kitchen window sill, I've been able to wear my skirts, and I've been pampering my poor winter-dry feet to get them in shape for sandal-wearing (no luck so far, truth be known). I had planned to garden this year, but I guess I will have a container garden after we move. Still, I'm looking forward to it. Ahhh...I'm so happy spring has arrived!

P.S. It seems like a good thing that I love this time of year now, since our new location seems to have two seasons--spring and summer. God knew, didn't He?

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