Thursday, October 11, 2007

Frugal Clothes Shopping

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Two months of pregnancy sickness has put me very far behind, and quite honestly, blogging is at the bottom of the priority list right now. Unfortunately. I enjoy it so much. It's really my one indulgence.

Tuesday was errand day and I knew we needed to go clothes shopping for Elizabeth since she has suddenly outgrown pretty much everything she owns. By several sizes. Jeans that fit fine a few weeks ago won't even go on now. I guess our new location agrees with her.

I've honestly never had to shop for clothes for my kids before. It's not that I've been unwilling or unable to, but between gifts and hand-me-downs they have had more than enough. However, Elizabeth is getting to an age where hand-me-downs aren't as readily available, and it's harder to find decent (read, not trampy) little girl clothes anyway.

So we set out for Goodwill. Samantha Blythe once said she has no idea why anyone would sew when there are so many beautiful and economical clothes available at thrift stores. This week I realized what she meant. We came away with a nice selection of new and like-new clothes for $25. The whole lot would have easily cost $100-$150 at a retail store. The little outfit above is one example. The shirt is from Old Navy and the skirt is from Limited Too. I looked up girls' skirts on LT's website, and those of similar style and quality cost $45-$50 new. We got it for $2.50. So, within my budget, I could buy a cheap skirt from Wal-Mart for $12 or $15 or a designer skirt for $2.50...To me, that's a no brainer.


Anonymous said...

I need to go there!!!
Check out her pose in the first picture... too cute!

Erica said...

Adorable! I love the colors. I wish our local thrift store had nice stuff. Seems everything there has been there since the 40's. lol

Hope you get to feeling better soon! You need to post a picture of the baby bump. ;-)

Jen said...

Oi! We just went through the same thing with our oldest, Emma, who will be six in December. We do hand-me-downs and bargains, too, but I draw the line at socks, tights, underwear, and shoes. The trickle down effect works well for our other two girls but poor Emma is always in need of trick I've learned is to frequent thrift shops in upper scale communities. Prices are the same but quality is much better. It's amazing what some folks toss out but I'm happy to take advantage!

Cute blue outfit!

jtcosby said...

I love love love love love shopping at Goodwill. I needed an outfit for church so I went and purchased a Talbot's skirt for 2 dollars (half off day) and brought it home hoping to maybe find a shirt later at another store...went back a few days later and bought a shirt that might match and brought it was Talbots, matched perfectly and was also 2 dollars. So I got an entire NAMEBRAND outfit for 4 dollars. My mother in law calls me a namebrand snob...yes, I might be...but I buy them at goodwill.

Charity Grace said...

Yes, Christina, she is quite the little model.

Actually I'm feeling a lot better Erica, thank you. I'm just having to catch up from months of not...I'll have to email you some pics.

Jen, our town is small enough that we really only have one thrift store. However, when we visited my grandma in Southern California a couple years ago, I saw thrift stores everywhere. I wish I'd had time to stop at the thrift stores outside Beverly Hills.

jtcosby, I really enjoy brand names too, but they are usually outside my budget unless I get them "used". I find that people who are wealthy enough to always buy top brands are usually wealthy enough that they often don't wear the brand name clothes they buy. So while they are technically used, they are often brand new, or nearly. It's always great when I benefit, as you obviously know!

Donetta said...

Boy I hear you, I got my son several like new t-shirts for $1. each . At a Goodwill you can get half off days and every day a certain color tag will be half off. I just scan the rack for the tag color.

My Boaz's Ruth said...

OOOH! You're Pregnant?

Anonymous said...

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