Thursday, May 08, 2008

Home Sweet Homeschool (links)

Teen Graduates High School, College in One Week

How Long Should a Homeschool Day Be?

(Hat tip, Jess at Making Home. )

Reading Placement Test (scroll down, it's the San Diego Quick Assessment)

I was delighted that Elizabeth, who's 7, is reading at a 5th grade level. This was especially encouraging as we get back into the full swing of things since baby's birth. I've focused more on just the 3 R's for the past few weeks. A trip to the library is on the agenda for tomorrow, and a full re-evaluation of where I'm achieving and failing as a teacher is coming up very soon as well. I know I have areas of both. I never doubt our decision to homeschool, but it's the scariest thing I've ever done.


JAN said...

Hi Charity Grace-
I love the links you've been leaving lately. It was fun to test our youngest yesterday and see where his reading level is!
I wanted to say something encouraging about "testing time"-it is a very scary time of year!
I wrote a post about what I've learned and what I went through when our older 2 were young on April 12th. Maybe it will encourage you to know you're not alone in your feelings and fears.


Carol said...

"failing as a teacher"

Grade five level? You're not failing. Nope. You sound like you (and your children) are doing great!

Charity Grace said...

Thanks, both of you. :)

Anonymous said...

Great links! THanks for sharing!!!