Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Links and a Lactation Tip

I've discovered a couple delightful blogs lately. One is 4 Reluctant Entertainers, a blog dedicated to Christian hospitality. It's artful and encouraging.

The other is Blue Yonder, also delightful, even if I was tortured there by pictures of incredible pies today! Oh my!

Now for the tip, since I have to post things in threes.

When my other babies have gotten too much milk, they just unlatched in frustration. Grace, however, seems to think if she just drinks FASTER! AND! FASTER! she can somehow manage the deluge. Then we end up with choke, cough, sputter, gag, cry...It hasn't equalized with time. Finally I tried a tip I read once--let gravity work in your favor. Feeding babe while laying on your back sounds tricky, but it's not really hard and it works. No sputtery baby. I know I'm not the only one who's had this happen, so perhaps it will help one of you moms out there!


Skye Wensing said...

Stephanie! Congratulations on Grace! Wow, it's been too long. I had somehow gotten out of the habit of visiting your blog, so I had no idea that you were pregnant. How fun. Our little ones are only a couple of months apart. I had to comment to say, too, that Jack is just like your grace when it comes to my over-active let down. At 4 1/2 months now, he's gotten the hang of it, but for a while, he'd choke and sputter and cough at every feeding, haha. I've also had to cut out dairy as well as be careful how much he eats--otherwise, it's just spit up everywhere. The spit up is one phase I will be ready to move on from!

Anyway, congrats again! I am so happy for you. Grace was the name we had picked out for a girl before we knew Jack was a boy. :) It's beautiful.

Rebekah Harris Hall said...

Hi! Stephanie!!!
I still think of you often and wonder how in the world you are doing! :) Kudos of congratulations on your newest addition! Very exciting~ we have an Abigail Grace as well. :) She aptly goes by "Abby" or "Abby Grace". She is 4 now, Joshua is 6 1/2 (unbelievable!!), and our latest is 9 months: Bethany Elise. She is the biggest joy a family could hope for. Good natured, calm, quiet and pensive, but smiley and engaging, and just plain easy. :) We all have been in love with her since her birth (a rather traumatic emergency c-section...) and praise God for her. So anyway, all that to say, "Yay!! You have a new baby girl, too; isn't it great!?" The Lord is so amazing in bringing us our sweet little ones. We homeschool, too, and Josh will be in 1st grade in the fall. I missed getting a Christmas card from you last year, now I know why! :) I will have to get your home address from you. Not that I write all the time (as you WELL know!!! :)). Your blog is great... keep posting!! You need to get a Facebook acct to keep up with us/see pics! :) Take care~