Saturday, May 24, 2008

Important Things You Should Know

Also known as, News From Here For Friends and Family Members Who Care About the Mundane Details of My Life.

We're schooling year round this year due to time we had to take off for moving and a new baby. I didn't take much time off when Grace was born, but we missed a few days and just focused on the most important subjects. I'm taking off this week to plan the next couple of months. I want it to be a really productive summer in terms of academics, brushing up on our weak spots and finishing whatever we haven't gotten done yet. Silas is also more than ready to learn to read, and in fact chastised me just yesterday because he isn't reading yet. ("Mama, you haven't taught me to read yet! You said you were going to teach me to read!" Um, yeah, we talked about that last week...) Pretty amazing for a kid who could have cared less till a few months ago. Elizabeth has plowed ahead in a few subjects and finished several books, like reading and math, so we will be able to focus more intensively on her areas of struggle. The goal is for a strong start this fall. I'll have a 3rd grader, a kindergardener, and a preschooler this year. WOW!!! I can't believe it.

Grace singlehandedly created 2 loads of laundry in the past 12 hours. She is more talented than any of my other children have been in this regard, and trust me, that is saying a lot. I'm doing 20+ loads a week right now. Part of it is just that she has a sensitive little tummy. I have to be careful what I eat, but more than that I have to carefully watch that I keep foremilk/hindmilk in balance and that I don't stuff her too full. I am all about following baby's feeding cues, but if Grace eats too much it's not pretty. However, she is growing at an astounding rate and she's all rolls and chubby cheeks, so she is certainly getting enough. She'll be moving from newborn clothes to 3-6 month size this week.

Billy and I are sick with sinus infections. Although we live in a warm, wet, moldy climate, it probably has more to do with too much sugar and too many late nights watching multiple episodes of 24 taking care of a new baby.

I finally fit into my fat jeans this morning. You know, it is a little disheartening to have a baby and then not even be able to wear your fat clothes. I still have a goodly ways to go, but at least the weight is starting to come off. Time to break out the confetti and cake celery! I've come a long way from my first pregnancy when I prayed daily (no joke) , "God, please don't let me get fat." I'm no longer obsessed with being skinny. But it would be nice to be at that ideal size for reasons of pure vanity.


Donetta said...

You do have your hands full! I am so glad your taking the time to step back and focus and plan. Do you have the children "share their knowledge"? I use this to reinforce lessons and it also helps them feel good about what the have learned. great to set the stage to share idea and thought. Have the 3rd grader help the k with writing of letters, and the k can help the pre with colors and shapes. delegation like this is a great family tradition.

Erica said...

You sound so busy! I don't know how you do it. Gabriel keeps me busy enough on his own. haha

I understand the overfeeding... Gabriel has always eaten till we stopped him. I used to have to time his nursing and not let him eat for more than 10 minutes on each side cause he'd spit up the "extras." Once I figured out the timing, he hardly ever spit up. It was great. He still wants to eat all day long. He's a thin little guy so I normally give him food anytime he acts hungry. lol I just don't understand where he puts it all. He eats about as much as I do at meal times!!

I agree with Donetta. The older kids can really help the younger ones. Warren used to watch Leap Frog ABC videos and Sarah picked up just from watching with him. She knew all the sounds of the letters before she knew their names, and she was reading when she was 4. This was before mom even started her on any schoolwork.

Jen said...

I know what you mean about laundry! Our youngest (for now!) makes more laundry than the other two combined! I used to blame it on her food allergies and sensitive tummy, but now that's she's outgrown that, I think it's her personality. She loves to have clean hands so if she needs to she uses her pants, shirts, even her hair as a napkin! I think I "only" do 14 loads per week...but still, it's quite a lot!

~~ said...

We school year around too. Leaves more time for those much needed breaks. :) I also do tons of laundry just like you!