Saturday, July 29, 2006


Just thought I'd issue a little disclaimer about my blog roll. Unlike the blog rolls of most people I read, there's not much of a common thread among those I have listed. I have Quakers, Catholics, Anglicans, happy Baptists, disillusioned Baptists, Emergents, Presbyterians, and generic Evangelicals, non-Christian earth mamas, missionaries, missional, married, single, parents, empty nesters, liberals, conservatives, free spirits, and ladies against feminism, unschoolers, classical schoolers, private schoolers, and public schoolers.

I guess the common denominator among all these is that I enjoy their writing and each one contributes something particular that I benefit from. I'm a big fan of the "chew and spit" method of consuming information. Whatever I read, I try to mentally chew up the meat (good stuff) and spit out the bones (not so good stuff). The blogosphere has been an amazing tool in my life to help me see outside my Baptist bubble. However, just because any one person is on my blog roll isn't meant as a complete endorsement of his or her blog. Hopefully the diversity and downright incongruity of some of the side-by-side choices make this clear.

But if not--to my friends who are conservative in every way, don't worry, I'm not headed into Liberalville. And to my more liberal friends, don't worry, I'm not edging toward the Land of Legalism. My prayer is that I'll blog with grace and read with discernment and an open heart.


My Boaz's Ruth said...

Laugh. Funny you should have written this today.

I added someone today to my blog roll and wondered if I should put a disclaimer in the blog itself that it wasn't an endorsement of everything they believed. *wry*

I worry about association.

TulipGirl said...

I blogroll impulsively. If I've read something interesting, I'll add it so that I can find it easier later. I've read people remark derisively about how long it is. *shrug* It helps me keep in contact with people. . .

There are some small subgroups I won't link to for personal reasons, but other than those I have the range from religiously pagan to Presbyterian.