Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Selfish Mothers

Can somebody enlighten me as to why in the world this woman had children?

"Of course I love my children as much as any mother..."



L said...

Note: this is a vent towards the article and not you posting about it. :)

How sickening really. It's one thing to feel that way and NOT have children, which is okay (at least better to not have them if you feel that way). However, why bother having children otherwise? When you decide to have a child, your life is no longer all about you. Not to say that you can't have time for yourself - but your priorities are not 1st anymore.

I lost my only living child. It's hearing about people like her that infuriate me to no end! People like that don't deserve the blessing of having children.

Charity Grace said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.

I don't have your vantage point; in your shoes I'm sure I'd feel infuriated too. As it is, I'm very sad (for her and her sons) and truly baffled as to why someone with such an antagonistic attitude toward children and motherhood would even bother to become a parent.

Unfortunately I think that many women who seem unable to nurture their children weren't nurtured themselves. Having never had healthy attachment to their mothers, they don't know how to bond with the babies they have.

That's probably only a tiny piece of the puzzle, but it's one possibility that comes to mind.

L said...

You are probably right somewhere in that connection I am sure. It's very sad. I feel for the children - and wonder what their perception of their mother in later years will be, especially in a time of her needing them. In the meantime, here's hoping that she somehow has a change of heart after seeing all the negative feedback she received. It's still not too late for her.

Sorry for my venting, I guess one should not post after reading something that makes them emotional. It's very hard not to feel affected by something like that. L

Charity Grace said...

Don't be sorry. I appreciate your thoughts.

Urka said...

That makes me totally sick. We both know how much time our mothers invested in us and we know we're the people we are because of them. Those kids know their mom is bored with them. They don't even want her to play games with them because they know it won't be enjoyable when her 2 minute attention span has ended. They know they are a burden and not a blessing. Do you think her children "arise and call her blessed" ?? I doubt it!

Children are a gift from God. We are given the awesome responsibility of investing our lives in them so that they can be mature, educated adults.

I do think some mothers tend to gie their child everything they want and in the end spoil them, but they are only doing it to make life easier for themselves at the moment. Todays children are rasing themselves. As soon as they are out of diapers and can feed themselves they are left to find their own way through life. I see it every day as I work in a public place. Mothers don't say no, they don't demand respect, and they don't do what is best for the child. I'm sick and tired of it all.

Sorry, I too had to vent! :p

Leah said...

Wow, how very, very sad.:( Every time I think selfishness can't be taken to a new level, I am proven wrong.

Pastor Steve said...

As a kid who wasn't wanted, but was makes me mad. Sad for the kids maybe. She will age and then it will be her unattached kids who find her boring, and the hired help will see to all of her needs. In those days, she will have more regrets than she can bare. Shopping and getting her nails done and her "priceless baubles" will mean nothing to her anymore. She will then see the value of a child...much too late.

Skye said...

That's so sad. I hope she will realize what she's missing out on before it's too late! What could be more worthwhile and fulfilling than investing your life into the future generation?