Tuesday, July 18, 2006

More Frugal Food

I haven't forgotten about my single income family series, I've just had a hectic week.

I thought of a few more tips for frugal food.

Don't Waste Food

Give children (and yourself) small portions so that no food is left on the plate to be thrown away.

Eat leftovers until they are gone, even if it's not particularly what you feel like that day. Don't let them sit in the fridge till they become science experiments. (Speaking to myself here!!!!!!!)

Make Food Last

When I was still at home and we had to pinch pennies, my mom would buy, say, two bags of chips, and that would have to last until the next scheduled grocery day. She discouraged mindless munching and doled them out to make them last. Same with cookies and other groceries.

Use Less

Be satisfied with less meat or peanut butter on your sandwich, less meat in your soup, less cheese in a dish, less butter on your bread, or whatever.

Shop Infrequently, But Schedule Your Shopping Trips

My mom got groceries every two weeks. We almost never "ran to the store" in between. If we ran out of something, we made do and waited until the next grocery trip. We knew exactly when we would be going.

Finally, here's an article on eating healthfully on a budget.

(Hat tip: Crunchy Con)

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