Monday, December 11, 2006


Just trying this to see if the pic is huuuuuge. Isn't this the cutest little retro couple? And aren't you just dying for a pink oven? (OK, I'm serious about the couple, kidding about the oven. Although it would be step up from the avocado green one I had till recently.)


Urka said...

lol @ a pink stove! i thought it was bad enough that i grew up in a house with a black and pink tiled bathroom. haha i do like looking at the old artwork though and seeing the cute little couples doing things together. oh yes, and the ladies actually looked feminine and modest... so much has changed!

Charity Grace said...

Come visit me, Urka, and you can see our beautiful pink tiled bathroom! :) I agree about how feminine and modest the ladies look. I think styles then were so pretty.