Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday: Alphabetizing Spices

No, it's not a joke, and the funny thing is that I'm not (let me emphasize not) one of these super-organized people who fits the spice-cabinet-alphabetizing stereotype.
I cook just about everything from scratch, and I cook a lot, and I just got tired of never being able to find my spices.

I got two little cheap plastic lazy susans from Wal-Mart and lined the jars up alphabetically. I found a bunch of spices I didn't know I had, and now I can find any of them in a second. Works for me!

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Mari said...

I love this idea. I will do it. Well, I might do it. I want to do it! We have a built in lazy susan that I use for the spices, but I can never find the right ones. I think we have about 3 jars of paprika-I keep buying it and losing it!

Larae said...

I am a crazy organizational freak and have NEVER thought of this. I'm excited to go put all of my spices in alphabetical order..might be time to call the organizational freaks anoynomous ;) THANK YOU for sharing! =) Happy Holidays!

dh said...

FYI: No need to give CG the organization freaks anon. hotline number yet.

Charity Grace said...

LOL, that is the truth dh! :)