Monday, December 18, 2006

Someone Is Watching You, And It's Not Santa

Elizabeth has been listening to the story of George Muller on her Story Hour cassettes. Muller was a pastor who cared for many hundreds (if not thousands) or orphans in England in the 1800's. It's said that he raised over 8 million dollars in his lifetime by prayer alone, never asking for a single penny.

After about the sixth time through the story Elizabeth asked, "Mama, do you do that? Ask and you shall receive?"

It's scary to know that our little ones watch us so closely. It's also challenging. Billy and I want our kids to see real, authentic faith in us; not hypocrisy. I pray that when my children grow up they will be able to say, "My parents walked what they talked." I want them to see that I don't just know about Jesus, I know Him as my Savior and dearest Friend, and I believe He can provide for all my needs. I want my children to see that I believe that if I ask, I'll receive. Times like this, all I can pray is, "God, don't let me mess up!"


Skye said...

Hey Stephanie!

Tell me more about these Story Hour tapes. Where did you get them? Do you think Emma would enjoy them at her age (almost 2 1/2)?

I've lately been thinking about getting her some tapes to listen to--preferably ones that go with a book that she can look at simultaneously.

Thanks for the comment, btw. I don't use the old blog anymore, but I am on facebook. :)

Charity Grace said...

Hey Skye, good to hear from you, my friend! You aren't the first one to ask about the tapes...I tell a little more about them in the comments on
this post . They are some my mom gave me that I had growing up. I don't think they are produced anymore, but you can probably find them on ebay.

Emma sounds like such a smartie, but even so I think they would be too old for her right now. Silas is 3 1/2 and they don't really hold his attention that much. I'd say probably 5-6 and up would be good ages. Elizabeth loves them. They actually deal with some pretty heavy subjects, especially the Old Testament Bible series.

However, they are great, and I know that if you were able to find them Emma would love them when she got older.

Where are you on facebook?

Father's Grace Ministries said...

George Muller is such an inspiration to our family too. we have several books about him, which I'll enjoy reading to our children, when they get a little older.
Sometimes it's easy to forget that these heroes of the faith were flesh & blood people just like us.
God bless
Claire(from Australia)