Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pre-Christmas Declutter

As I did last year, I'm decluttering everyone's bedroom before Christmas. This year I'm taking it to the next level and decluttering every room in the house. So far I've done all 3 bedrooms and the school/tv/computer room. That has resulted in 8 or 9 bags of items to donate and probably the same number in trash. Where in the world does this stuff come from?!! The amazing thing is that the rooms still seem full. That is scary.

In any case, it's wonderful to see each room become orderly and less cluttered. I know that new things will be coming into our house over the next few weeks, so now we won't be as overwhelmed by it. After Christmas I'll probably do another declutter. If you haven't yet, let me encourage you to join me in decluttering the house for Christmas!

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Windy said...

Hi Stephanie,

I LOVE decluttering!! Almost to a fault... poor Todd is afraid to see what I have gotten rid of when he gets home. :) As we decorated for Christmas I decluttered our decoration boxes. This semester at school is almost over and then I will get to declutter our office and my school stuff... I am so excited!!! Who knew?! Hope you all are doing good!! Talk to you soon!