Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Emerging Church

Last night Billy and I really enjoyed discussing the paper Scot McKnight (emerging church leader and member of Willow Creek!) presented at Westminster Seminary this fall called “What is the Emerging Church?” It’s excellent, probably the most balanced treatment available on the Emerging conversation. It’s 30 pages, but well worth reading even if you think you know what the Emerging church is. PDF here.

Hat tip: TallSkinnyKiwi

P.S. I guess I should mention, for the handful of readers who don't know me personally, that we aren't Emerging and don't necessarily endorse all facets of the movement. However, I've really enjoyed some of the Emerging blogs I read and I think it's important to keep one's finger on the pulse of major shifts taking place within Christianity--and to listen to them and view them accurately.

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