Monday, January 29, 2007

Etsy Love

Well, I've never looked at the wonder that's Etsy. (For those who don't know, Etsy describes itself as "Your place to buy and sell all things handmade.") Maybe I was afraid that I'd discover a new obsession, or want to start a shop of my own (which I don't have time for right now). More likely it's just that I haven't had the time to venture into yet another online haunt.

But this morning while I was rocking baby girl I took a few minutes to peek at the Valentine goods. I'm just amazed at how wonderfully creative people are. Here's a little sample of some things that caught my fancy.

Honey Almond Lip Balm

I have a weakness for cool lip treats, so this pink-labeled balm jumped out at me.

Cute Apron

These aren't normally colors I'm drawn too, but they work here. Very pretty.

Adorable valentine tags

What can I say, are they not too cute?

Organza heart necklace

This would be easy to make.

Tree Hugger Picture

OK, before my husband passes out when he sees that I've linked a tree hugger picture on my blog, thus proving that I'm even wierder than everyone thought, let me just issue a disclaimer--I'm not one. That is, I'm personally pretty crunchy, but not in a Mother Earth Worship kind of way. And that's not what this absolutely charming picture is trying to communicate anyway, insofar as I can tell. I've discovered a new favorite artist at MillyMollyMandy. Beautiful. Check out the whole shop. I could spend a fortune there, but I have no clue where I'd hang her pretty prints.

Finally, these little baby booties, which made me swoon (Like I said, I'm wierd). More on baby booties next. As in how to make.


Urka said...

You have so started something!!!! Yikes. I never should have looked... Ryan is going to kill me if he finds out I've found something like this. haha I've been wanting to find a way to make some money from home while crafting. This looks like a perfect outlet. Now I just have to practice self control and not spend every penny I make, especially not before it's made! haha

Charity Grace said...

Yeah, one of these days when I have more time (??? I guess that will happen someday!) I'd love to sell things I make. But I'm with you, I'd have to enforce some serious self-control! :)