Monday, January 15, 2007

For Rebecca

When my blog friend Rebecca graciously answered my shoe question, I remembered that I promised to give her a report on how well these cute Skechers held up for me. I've been very pleased. After wearing them several times a week (often every day) since summer they are still in good condition. Of course, velcro tends to not be quite as sticky after a lot of wear, but it only seems to loosen if I've extremely active. Normally it hasn't been a problem.

Rebecca, I remember that I was also supposed to get you some Mexican recipes. Those will be forthcoming.


Windy said...


Hi! As I was reading this post I realized I never told you I bought some too. They are great!! I am not a very dressy person, so these are great for every thing I wear. I even wear them to church with a skirt!! Oh my goodness, I said it, I wore a skirt. ;)

Thanks for turning me on to these shoes!

Rebecca said...


I saw recently that they have so many cute color patterns in those as well. Unfortunately, my daughter, who really needs flats for MIT, Awana's missions program, is really hard to fit. She tried these and they didn't work for her.

Charity Grace said...

Windy, aren't they great? I bought mine just to wear with skirts...If I don't have comfy shoes to go with my skirts I don't wear them nearly as often.

Rebecca, too bad they didn't fit your daughter. I wear mine for Awana all the time. The no-skid tread helps during game time. :)