Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's a Great Time to be Alive!

Somewhere in my blog wanderings lately I stumbled across a post where someone was talking about all the connections, friends, and inspiration she’s experienced through blogging. She said something like, “Isn’t it a great time to be alive?”

Eureka! I’ve spent much of my life mourning the loss of the “good old days” and wishing things were different, more conservative, less modern, whatever. More recently I’ve gotten better, at least accepting that I was put on earth for such a time as this, but I have difficulty really rejoicing in the era into which I was born. I’ve enjoyed technology but didn’t fully embrace it. I’ve appreciated the luxuries and benefits that are mine as a middle-class Westerner, all the while feeling guilty because people around the world have so little (even when I did my best to help those in need). I’ve felt strangely out of place in my culture, with the keen understanding that this minute slice of history is so radically different from all the past ages. So I needed to hear the voice of someone who is just thrilled to be alive here and now.

It’s totally changed my perspective. I’m really enjoying my days, and I’m finally thankful for technology, rather than mostly seeing the bad in it. Yeah, I know, I have weird hang-ups. But I’m so happy that, while the days are uncertain, who on earth has had the opportunities we have right now? Yippee! It is a great time to be alive!!!


Mobunny said...

I've been reading a book about the time between the 1920's and 40's....were 'those' the good old days? I don't think so!
We LIVE in the days we choose to make good or bad!
I'm glad for the conveniences we have because of technology.......we should use them as a way to free up time to do more for the Lord!

Charity Grace said...

Sooo good to see you here, Mrs. Mobunny! I'm enjoying your blog. I wondered if you were still lurking around.