Sunday, February 25, 2007

We're Moving

I've known for quite awhile, but I couldn't say anything here until we had announced it publicly. Billy has accepted a position as Discipleship Pastor, an associate position at a church...Well, we'll say even deeper south than we are currently, which is saying a lot! A subtropical climate and an associate position will be different for us, but we have seen God's hand leading us clearly, so we look forward to what He has in store. It will be an adventure!

Sarah and Silas don't understand very well (at 22 months and 3), but Elizabeth (6) does. She has mixed feelings. On one hand she is looking forward to making new friends and living someplace where she can grow oranges and strawberries in winter, but on the other hand she's sad to move away from the only home she remembers and her good friends here.

We've found a very cool house to rent until we can find a place to buy. There is a severe housing shortage in our new area, so we were extremely fortunate to secure this one on our last trip down. It's a large 100-year-old home in a historic downtown area. Maybe one day I'll be able to post some pictures of this amazing old home. The yard is postage-stamp sized, but it will just be temporary, so that's OK.

Back when this house was built, people dressed like this.

I'm glad we don't wear hats like this anymore. She looks like it might give her a headache.

What a cute baby!

These kids look pretty mischievous.

I wonder if my house was ever staffed by ladies who looked like this. I didn't see a maid when we were looking at the house. Wonder where she could have gone?

After we looked at the house, Elizabeth told me, "Mama there is one thing I'm really worried about in that house." It turns out that it really troubles her that the mail falls from the letter slot onto the floor. She said, "We would have to put a basket underneath." This bothered her a lot and she talked about it constantly. Yesterday while we talked about moving and she became more and more upset about the idea of selling the house we live in now. She ran off and drew a picture of our new house. Then she wrote, "I hat the mel box." (I hate the mail box.) She left it on Billy's desk. He said he guesses he's getting hate mail! That will be one to keep. I know she will adjust well, but right now it's just very overwhelming for her.

To our friends: We covet your prayers during this big transition. We're excited, but also pretty overwhelmed at all there is to do in the next few weeks. I'm sure anyone who has moved knows this. When we moved last time I remember that I hoped it wouldn't happen again for a long time. It's been 4 1/2 years, so we've been here a good while. That's been very nice. I hope soon we'll be settled in a permanent place, or at least another home where we can stay for years.


Urka said...

hurray for moving! i know it's hard, very hard, to pack up and leave the familiar, but there is also an adventure at every turn! your new house sounds simply beautiful! i love old homes and can't wait to see pictures. we will have to figure out how far you will be from us once you move... it seems you'd be farther south. :( if you guys ever have time when you visit your folks you should stop in. we're only an hour from them! :) or we could come there to see you!

Charity Grace said...

Yes, quite a bit farther south. I'd love to come see you one day. Hey, by the way, I can't seem to comment on your blog. I've tried and tried, but...? Maybe it's the same annoying thing that keeps blogger from remembering my password even though I check "Remember Me" every single time! LOL

Rebecca said...

Discipleship Pastor! What an awesome position! (Wish you were coming here, though.)

Blessings on your move. It'll be nice that your on-line friends will all still be in the same place. :)

dh said...

The hat would give me a headache if you wore it. However, the maids would be a great idea. Considering...

Charity Grace said...

Yes, Rebecca, it's a great opportunity. We're excited. I'm glad, too, that I still know where to find my online friends! :)

Dh, we'll need a cook, a nanny, a tutor, a housekeeper, a gardener, and an errand boy. That way I can read magazines and eat bonbons all day. Sound good? What? You won't let me wear the hat?!! LOL

Charity Grace said...

Oh, yeah, what I'll really need is a laundress...