Thursday, February 08, 2007

Link Love

Anna has a new blog, Neat and Dainty as a Flower, devoted to all things Grace Livingston Hill.

Debra at As I See it Now tells the sweet story of a very good day.

I absolutely adore this picture at Posy. Inspiring! Doesn't it look like the perfect place to hang out on a cold winter day?

Tenniel tells us about her "dark side" in this post at School@Home. I love it...So often bloggers only post the good stuff, and it's refreshing to see a moment of honesty. It made me laugh too.

Modestly Yours
applauds Miss Utah for winning modestly. This would happen only in Utah...But still, a great story.

Billy Stevens shares John Ortberg's "Story of Non-Transformation". Worth the read!

Christian/homeschool mom/fashion blogger Rebecca (that combination still amazes me) asks if you'd wear this outfit. I guess I'm with the majority of commenters...The shirt and jacket yes, the skirt no.

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