Friday, November 09, 2007


Every time I get pregnant, I've been prone to shortness of breath. Not the baby's-squishing-my-organs kind, but something food related. With Sarah I cut out sweets (even natural sweeteners), and it helped a lot. With this pregnancy I've fudged on sweets far more than ever before, delighted that there seemed to be no ill effects. Till this week. I'd be almost gasping for breath in the middle of a meal. Billy's been saying, "Are you OK?" almost every time I ate. It's not just sweets this time, but fruit, corn, and any refined carb. And Tuesday it was so severe that I called the doctor. It felt like what I'd imagine asthma feels like. Fighting for air. But it got better. And as long as I stay away from the carbs, it stays better.

Yesterday when I saw the doctor I talked to him about it. He said he'd never heard of anything like it before. But when we went over all the details, he said it sounds like possibly my pregnant body develops a hyper-sensitivity to carbs in much the same way some people are sensitive to peanuts or bee stings. So, it's low-carb for me. I suppose if it continues it might be no carb.

The ironic thing is that a low-carb diet is the one eating pattern I swore (many times, vocally) that I could never do. I love my carbs. I NEED my carbs. ;) Never say never, right?

Any low-carb readers here? What are your favorite dishes?


Gina said...

Oh, man, bummer!

I have done the low carb thing. The thing I missed the most is crunch. Most low carb foods aren't crunchy, and a girl can only eat so many chicharones before she's sick at the sight of them.

iceberg lettuce, though it has little nutritional value, adds a nice crunch, and can be used to wrap chicken salad, tuna salad, or a hamburger patty for sort of a sandwich.

I have a recipe for a low carb chocolate mousse that is good, but uses a little bit of stevia. Email me if you want it. its_just_gina at yahoo dot com.

lindafay said...

That's interesting. I was short of breath during my pregnancies from almost the beginning months. I knew I wasn't far enough along to be 'squashed' organs. It was always a mystery for us. I've never even considered it being a food problem. Maybe it was.

Jeffrey said...

Adrenal fatigue can also cause "air hunger".