Saturday, January 05, 2008

Eight Random Things...

About me. Lots of people in blog land have done this little meme. It feels kinda narcissistic, but it was fun too. Now you know how strange I really am!


1. I don’t like to watch TV in the dark.

2. I know how to milk cows and goats, spin yarn on a spinning wheel, quilt, bake bread from scratch (without a machine), sew and knit at an beginning level, and grow a garden.

3. I don’t like plastic. I think it’s a necessary evil.

4. Messiness drives me stark raving mad. When my house or van are messy, I often feel on the verge of a freak-out. Most people (even my husband) would never guess this because I try not to freak out, and my house and van are usually messy.

5. I was home schooled K-12.

6. I like things to be exact. For example, when I set the digital timer for 60 minutes, if it runs over to 61 minutes I have to bring it back down to 60. It drives me nuts to see the little red squiggly line when spell check doesn’t recognize a word like “homeschool,” so I change it to “home school” just so I won’t have to look at the line. I don’t like to view my blog while I’m logged into Blogger because the tool icons look cluttery. I feel intensely unsettled when rugs or picture frames are crooked.

7. I didn’t wear makeup till I was 25, even on my wedding day. Now I wear it every single day, and I never, ever leave the house without it.

8. I would love a huge family. Like 8 kids.

Now it's your turn! What are 8 random things about you?


Jen said...

We have some of the same things in commone...#1, #4, #6 and #8..though, at age 35, I'm thinking we're probably not going to make it to eight. I'm curious to see how #4 will work...adding our third made me feel like a crazy person!
Love the list!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'm 25 and have never worn make-up . .. what made you start? Just curious.

Charity Grace said...

Jen, funny that we have so many in common! My mom didn't start having kids till age 36, and there are 5 of us. :) So you still have time! :)

Mrs. Mordecai, I think it was the "tired mommy" look. Black undereye circles weren't that becoming...Once I tried it I liked it and just grew to prefer it I guess.

dh said...

where are you going to get 8 kids from?

Charity Grace said...

Dh--The same place I got the 4 I already have. *wink*

TulipGirl said...

Love the pic you have on this post, btw. . . and I learned some new things about you. *Grin*

JAN said...

Hi Charity Grace-
I've been poking around on your blog and am really enjoying it! I wish I had more time to read all your posts.
Do you have your life story posted anywhere? The reason I ask is because you are the first adult I've "met" that was home schooled all the way through.
I'd just like to hear about home schooling from a home school graduate's perspective.
I hope I don't sound too nosey!
Thank you too, for visiting my blog and leaving an encouraging word. :-)

Charity Grace said...

Hey Jan, thanks for the comment! I don't think I have my life story anywhere. :) Just bits and pieces.

It's funny, I find that I get more and more questions (in blog land and real life) about homeschooling. Even being home schooled all my life, I really don't have a lot of confidence in this area. I'm very thankful for my own hs experience though, and I know it's what God has called us to do with our children. I will have to sketch out some thoughts about this sometime.

Thanks for the comment! No, it's not nosey. I figure if I bring something up, I should expect questions. :)

I have really been enjoying your blog too.

Arizona Mama said...

CG- That spell check line bugs me too. I have to fix spelling mistakes immediately. Did you know that if it tries to correct a word that you know is spelled correctly, you should be able to right click on it, then click "add to dictionary" so it won't draw that squiggly line under it again?

I hope you get your 8, though I confess to being the tiniest bit jealous of your 4th since I didn't even get that far. *sigh*

Charity Grace said...

No I didn't know that!!! Thank you. You saved my sanity.

As for 8...I am not sure we will get that far. We will see. It's just a nice round number. :) I just want to follow God's leading in this area, whatever that is...But that's another subject. I can't say my opinions and convictions are set in stone, and I'm certainly not dogmatic like I used to be. I find that I am constantly growing and changing, so even in the area of children I'm trying to walk by faith and listen to God. Easier said than done.

Jennifer F. said...

I can relate to a lot of these -- how interesting! Thanks for sharing.

I just discovered your site through my referrals, and am glad to have found it. I'll be back! :)