Friday, January 18, 2008

Laundry Room

I looooove my laundry room! Laundry has always been my waterloo, and although a great deal of my trouble has been poor execution, some of it has just been inconvenient arrangements. I prayed for an adequate laundry room and this one definitely fit the bill!

We got this vintage dresser secondhand for a little bit of nothing. It's just right for the spot, and now I have a place to fold laundry AND storage for old towels and other supplies.

I've heard for years that you should fold the laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer, but it just didn't seem feasible to me. I guess it is more feasible to search for socks and wrinkled shirts out of the mountain on the couch. Anyway, since we've been in this house I've followed that advice religiously. If I can't fold it immediately, it stays in the dryer. What a difference!

These little baskets are the other thing that made a great difference in my laundry success. An older lady at church passed on the tip. Each child has a basket above the dryer, and when I sort the clean clothes, they go directly into each child's basket. When the baskets are full, they go to their bedrooms to be put away. This is a great time saver.

I got the baskets at a garage sale, by the way. Love them!

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Jen said...

I use some of those same tricks and would agree that laundry is my down-fall, too. With the birth of child #3, I found it impossible to keep up without doing laundry each day. I trained my family to put all their dirty clothes into the empty washer at the end of the day. Then, as soon as I get up in the AM, I sort everything and start my 2 daily loads. Usually, by the time breakfast is over and the kids are dressed, all the laundry from the previous day is washed, dried and folded. We put it away together and I don't do any more laundry the rest of the day. This works every day except for Mondays (when I have extra from Sunday) and Friday when I wash our bed linens. Those days I just know it will take until lunch time to get caught up.

Congrats on a well-apportioned laundry room!

Penless Thoughts said...

Great idea on the baskets! The chest is wonderful and I love the old enameled wash pan and the wash board.

Nora Lee said...

I love it! I have been thinking about my laundry situation and yours seems to really fit the bill. The dresser is not only funtional but beautiful as well.
Thanks for sharing.


ellen b. said...

You have some great organizational tools there! Wonderful way to motivate an efficient laundry process! I love it...

Barbara H. said...

Wonderful! It's so much easier to work in an adequate and organized place. Love the dresser.

nannykim said...

Yup--much easier to fold fast--keeps things from getting wrinkled! The baskets are great until the kids are bigger. My kids are now grown---I only have one living at home at times (in college) and his piles are huge!!! I can't even carry one of his piles--I have to take several trips! (If I do the carrying!)

Lana G! said...

Love my laundry room too! It is amazing what some extra space does for you!

Looks great!