Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweet Sarah

I’ve wanted to write something about my sweet youngest (youngest for a few more weeks anyway) for a long time, especially since I have lots of family and close friends who read here. I think I mention the older kids more often because they are big enough to “do things.” Sarah just is.

Our 2 ½ year old, cute little roly poly snuggle girl, she has an infectious giggle and a great sense of humor. She’s big for her age, weighing nearly as much as Silas (who’s 4) and wearing clothes Elizabeth wore around age 4. This makes it hard at times to fulfill her frequent request, “Hold me!” (especially in the last trimester of pregnancy). Out of my three, she’s most verbally advanced for her age, and she grasps things the others didn’t get till they were older. For example, I hear that most children don’t differentiate between sexes till around age 3, and I seem to recall this is about the age my others reached this milestone. She has recognized the difference between little boys and little girls for a long time, probably since before she turned two. She’s also careful to use the proper gender when she speaks. The other day she told me, “Yes ma’am--Mommy. Yes sir--Daddy.”

She’s a girly girl who loves dresses, jewelry, shoes, and baby dolls. She appreciates routine and tidiness, and she will tell me, “This room is a mess! We need to clean it up!” She also informed me the other day, “My hands have germs on them. They just JUMP ON!” She’s conscientious about things like flushing, closing doors, and turning out lights.

She loves to eat. Loves. To. Eat. Anything! There’s very little she turns down, but it’s no surprise considering how fast and tall she has grown. Chocolate tops her list of favorite foods.

She’s hysterically funny, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident. Either way, she loves to make people laugh. Recently we were following a new friend to eat at a restaurant and she told us, “I’m going to be punny [funny] for that man.” Her favorite expression is, “That’s punny!” She also thinks it’s “punny” to make people mad. She quickly learned that she could get to Silas by calling him “little boy.” Billy says he looks forward to coming home each day to hear about the latest Sarah funny-isms. A couple of the latest…

At Christmas, she was listening to a CD and Little Drummer Boy came on. “I like that song,” she said. “Rubber Band Boy.”

The toilet at our new house came equipped with a nasty, very squishy old padded seat. The first time she saw it she said, “I love this cozy potty!”

She has an imaginary friend named Bakah who shows up every now and then. I hear her occasionally carrying on a conversation, “OK, Bakah,” and then she will go into a monologue. She has a pair of soft rubber baby nail clippers that she uses as a flip phone. “I’m calling Cinderella,” she says. “I got her a phone at Wal-Mart.”

She’s always been and easy child. Sure, she has a naughty streak, but overall she is just pleasant and easy. She always slept, never dirtied her diapers at night (even as a newborn), and pretty much likes everyone to be happy, because she is usually happy. She’s even potty trained herself.

One of the funniest things about her is that she develops weird obsessions over particular objects, like her sippy cup (which even has a name—Pinky), a doll bottle, a little set of keys, or the dollar bill she’s carried around for the past couple days. Whatever the current object is, it’s the first thing on her mind when she wakes up and the last thing she thinks of before she goes to sleep.

So that’s our little joy. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about her. I feel so blessed to have three (now four) precious children, each one a wonderful gift with a unique personality and special characteristics. We’re thankful for our sweet Sarah. I could kiss her to pieces!


Mrs.M said...

Aw, what cute photos! Little girly-girls are the sweetest. Her little dress is just adorable. Kind of takes me back to when I was little...I too loved frilly dresses and turning round and round to spin them :)

This is my first visit here and am having a great time. Your posts are wonderful and can't wait to do some catching up from previous posts.

Jen said...

So sweet and reminds me of our second, Ruthie. They sound like kindred spirits. I think the HS is gently prompting you to focus on your wee ones as the newest member of your clan arrives. It's such a joyous time, but also unsettling at moments for our children (as you have experienced). I can't remember when you are due, but have been praying for you as the time must surely be coming soon. Blessings to you and sweet Sarah and all under your roof...

Erica said...

A girl for sure! She is learning quickly; chocolate is a girl's best friend. :-)

She is a doll and I enjoyed reading about her. Sounds like she will be a real blessing with a new baby in the house. :-) It will be nice to have her already potty trained too!!!

She sounds so much like my sister, Sarah! Girly, sweet tempered, generous, funny, and an all around joy. :)

Anonymous said...

What can I say, she is from good stock. Grandkids are surely a blessing from the Lord. Keepem coming! Love Grandpa.

Charity Grace said...

Mrs. M, thanks for stopping by!

Jen, I agree that this is a sweet time to focus on my other children before the demands of a new baby take over.

Erica, sounds like our Sarahs are a lot alike! I would love to see your family now that everyone is big and mostly grown up!

Daddy, you are right, she comes from good stock. She is easygoing and fun to be around just like her grandpa! :)