Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Borrowers

Growing up some of my favorite books were the fanciful adventures of tiny people called the Borrowers. They made their living by "borrowing" household objects, you know, all those little things that disappear and are never found again.

I think a whole city of Borrowers must have moved in under our floorboards.

Silas has lost three pairs of shoes in as many weeks. Billy's lotion. My concealer. One of Sarah's sandals. Gone.

Actually, I think we really do have a tiny person who has taken our things. I told Billy last night that one of these days we are going to find a collection of items hidden like a puppy buries bones. Except I think our culprit is the 13-month-old who has an obsession with placing one item inside another!

1 comment:

Windy said...

I remember those days! :) She was so cute!! :)

I know my washer has eaten at least 10 pairs of socks... maybe more. :)