Saturday, June 24, 2006

Urgent Adoption Need-Chinese Baby with Down's Syndrome

Barbara at MommyLife alerts us to the urgent need for sweet baby James in China. James has Down's Syndrome, which means that he would normally be unadoptable. China has not offered children with Down's Syndrome for adoption because they don't believe that anyone would want these sweet special needs babies. If James is not spoken for in the next few days (before July 1st) he will be insitutionalized for life. James' case is setting the precedent for Down's syndrome children in China. If he is not adopted, they will not offer any more children with Down's Syndrome, period.

Since Barbara has four sons with Down's Syndrome (one biological and three adopted), I know this case is close to her heart. God surely has a family for baby James.

One of the most interesting things about this case is that a donor has agreed to fund James' adoption! This is huge in light of the prohibitive cost of international adoptions. Spread the word!

Picture and more info at Mommylife and A Helping Hand


Windy said...

Oh Stephanie,

You don't know how much I wish we were in place we would be able to do this. Todd and I would love to adopt. We will keep James in our prayers and for his knew family, which are out there just waiting for him to come home. :)

Would you please keep us posted on this... I would love to hear more.

Windy said...

Should be "NEW"... :)

Charity Grace said...

Isn't he precious? If I hear an update I'll be sure to post it.