Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday: Weekend Meals

I have to credit Billy with this tip because he thought of it. He's saved my weekend sanity. Especially since we are a pastor's family, Sunday is a crazy day. More times than not we ended up with sandwiches or some very skimpy lunch after coming in from church. I got tired of stressing over Sunday lunch and evening snack. For the past few weeks we've been loading the grill on Saturday night with chicken legs and thighs. I cook a whole 10lb. bag or more. Then I cook a big pan of brown rice, a big pot of veggies (like squash from our garden or purple hull peas), and fresh bread and jello would be nice too (although I haven't gotten that far yet). We eat it Saturday night and there are plenty of leftovers for Sunday too. Nothing like not having to cook on Sunday afternoon! And it sure beats a PB&J!

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Amy from Ezekiel's Garden said...

That's a good idea! We live a fairly decent drive from the church, so I try to have something quick for lunch on Sundays, one of which is using up leftovers.

Here are two others that I like to do:

Crockpot meals - I go for the meals that cook in 4-6 hours, sometimes they need to go on high, which I'll do in the hour or so between loading up the crockpot and leaving for church, then switch to low for the remainder

Timer function on the oven - I assemble a casserole or other bakeable item the night before. The next morning, I pull it out of the fridge and set the timer function on the oven so that it is hot and ready by the time we get home.

Windy said...

I have to agree with Amy. I love crock pot cooking for those on the go days. We ate a lot of crock pot foods this year with me being in school. I could put it on be for I left in the a.m. and have a hot meal for Hannah when we got home. :)

I have several recipe books and you can do all sorts of fun stuff with... Did you know you can bake potatoes in the crock pot?!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Growing up, our Sunday afternoon meal was always pizza. My mom would buy two deli pizzas (at Kroger's. BAck when they were 2/$5) And pop them in the microwave when we got back from church.

Evening was BLTs -- bacon done in the microwave, with lettuce and tomator (though I don't know how she did the tomatoes now. At least in Washington it is WAY too expensive and tastes bland!)