Saturday, June 10, 2006


This has been a week of exceptional blessings. I thought I’d list them here (but I might have to come back and add some, because there have been so many I might forget)…They are in no particular order.

1. Swimming lessons for Elizabeth and Silas and violin lessons for Elizabeth within walking distance of our house.

2. A Select Comfort sleep number bed, which God graciously provided for us. This has brought an end to Billy’s constant back pain and nightly insomnia.

3. God’s amazing provision in a several other important ways as well!

4. Summer produce. Yellow squash from our garden. Vine ripened tomatoes from friends and neighbors, perfect for tomato sandwiches…mmmmm…Watermelon and cantaloupe.

5. The privilege of my role as pastor’s wife, and because of that, the privilege of being part of helping others grow and heal.

6. A related item—I’m so grateful to know people who love Jesus, desire to do right, and have lovely teachable spirits, who are allowing God to change and grow them. It’s such a joy to see people mature in Christ. I don’t think they realize what an inspiration and encouragement they are to me.

7. And another related item. This week has been a defining time for me as I’m able to look back and see significant spiritual, emotional, and social growth over the past ten years. I’ve wanted to grow. I’ve been able to see small incremental steps—but I haven’t felt changed in any kind of big way, at least not like I wanted to be. This week brought into focus just how far God has brought me, even during those days when I was confused or struggling and felt like I was at a spiritual stalemate. I realize now that even those times that felt spiritually barren were part of God’s plan to grow me into the woman He wants me to be, a process that will last forever. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

8. God’s beautiful people. I can say without a doubt that the Body of Christ has been one of the greatest catalysts for my spiritual development. As imperfect as we humans are, those who reflect Jesus in quiet ways have a more powerful influence than they know.

9. Kind neighbors and friends who spontaneously stop by and let us drop in on them too.

10. Garage sale bargains. I got an armload of beautiful dress clothes for less than $4 this morning, from a garage sale next door.

Isn’t God good?!!!


Windy said...

He is GREAT!!!

I am so thankful to read your writings... It leaves me feeling peaceful and seeing your compassion warms my heart!


Charity Grace said...

Aw, Windy you are sweet. Your comment reminds me, I need to add your new blog to my blog roll...

My Boaz's Ruth said...

"Count your blessings, name them one by one"

I'm sure glad you dropped by and commented at my blog that once so I found yours.

Charity Grace said...

Thanks for the kind words Ruth. :)