Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Fake Husband

Yesterday Elizabeth came into the kitchen where I was doing dishes and said in her best pretend manner, "Hello, ma'am, these are my twenty-five children." After I greeted her imaginary children, she said, "And this is my husband, Roy Rogers."

"Hello, Roy Rogers," I said.

"Just pretend he's answering, because he's fake," she told me. "But don't tell him that. He doesn't like it."


Windy said...

How cute is that!!! Roy Rogers... that is just so cute and that she was sensitive to his feelings.

Our Hannah is the epitome (?) of "Tom Boy". She loves getting dinner, playing with her cars and trucks, and prays to Jesus every night that we wont get older and that she can live Mom and Dad forever. Yikes! :)

She doesnt like the thought that she might have children one day or a husband for that matter. So, you see, I love these stories. Hannah will grow out of this phase (I did).

TulipGirl said...