Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nontoxic Cleaner

I remember reading on Anna's blog that baking soda was good for cleaning stovetops. This interested me since I'm allergic to the scent in many cleaning products. Today as I was getting ready to scrub the stove (one of the things on my least fave jobs list) I remembered what she had said. I also remembered that I had some lemons in the freezer, and how acid and soda fizzed, sort of like scrubbin' bubbles. Hmmmmm...

Maybe this is old news to some, but to my surprise, lemon juice and soda cleaned my stovetop better than ANY cleaner I've ever used. The grime and burned-on food literally wiped away. I had to use some elbow grease on some of the worst places, and there are a few tiny spots that didn't come completely clean--but it's way cleaner than it's been before using regular cleaners.

So I'm tickled to hit 3 birds with one stone--this cleaner is cheap, effective, and doesn't give me a headache or panic attack. I'll be using it again!


Anonymous said...

I've always used baking soda to clean the stove. I like it, and sometimes add a little vinegar for the acid. The only downside I've found is it's often hard to get all the baking soda off the stove when you're through. lol

I too am alergic to a lot of cleaners, including bleach. I try to use orange and citrus cleaners wherever possible, and lysol cleaners instead of bleach when I need to kill germs. I've also come to love Glass Wipes. They are a little more expensive I'm sure than Windex, but because I'm not spraying anything I don't choke and that's worth the few extra cents to me! lol

Charity Grace said...

Cool...I used vinegar and soda in the bathtub yesterday. Worked like a charm. But, like you said, it was kinda hard to get all the soda cleaned up! :)

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Good to know.

Does the old used up baking soda in the fridge work?