Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I finished a post that was in draft, and it showed up below the post I wrote yesterday. So scroll down if you want to read about aprons!

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Mama said...

Hi honey,
Since I am here at the library and very computer illiterate,I wasn't able to find your article on aprons which I wanted to read. So I am commenting on the subject anyhow.
As you well know, I'm an apron person and have worn them all of your life. I really love them. Maybe it is because they evoke such wonderful childhood memories for me of my mother and grandmother, warm homey kitchens with the smells of good things cooking or baking, families gathered around the table, a way of life that was simpler and sweeter in many ways. Anyhow, I can scarcely get along without one. As you know, I stick everything in my apron pockets from eggs to newborn chicks to letters to pretty leaves to.....well, you name it. I use it for a dust rag, to wipe a baby's nose, anything that comes along, it seems handy. I love pretty calico prints that remind me of the ones Mama and Grandma wore, expecially the now available 30's prints and the feed sack prints. Right now, I'm trying to get one done for Thanksgiving that has Snoopy and pumpkins and things that will delight my grandchildren.There is just something about them that chimes my bells. Crafter's Choice came out this month with a book called "Aprons" that tells about the history and styles and stories associated with them. Needless to say, I ordered one. Anyhow, I don't know what you were saying on your blog about them because I couldn't find it, but thought I'd comment on it anyhow.
Love you and CAN'T WAIT for Thanksgiving when we will ALL be together.
Love you.