Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Day in My Life

Little Jenny Wren is hosting a "Day in My Life" project each month and I decided to give it a shot, at least this once!

Actually this is all from the 13th. I wasn't sure how to handle the time difference between Jenny's time and US time...If I do it again I will just wait till the 14th. And excuse the flip-flopping between past and present tense. I'm afraid I was a little brain dead.

I almost didn't participate because my day got off to a rocky start. I went to bed late and then woke around 5 and never fully went back to sleep. Billy went to work early and I knew I wouldn't be able to doze off again, so rather than staying in bed feeling frustrated, I got up and had my quiet time. We're doing the Bible Study Experiencing God at church, so I did my homework for today, and then hung out in Psalm 40 for awhile. That's my life passage, one God gave me when I was 14, that I return to often. I prayed that I'd have a productive day and that God would help me not focus on my exhaustion, and then I felt better. I'm so glad he cares about the little stuff and gives us strength for daily life.

Sarah woke before I was finished and climbed into my lap with a library book. She is such a sweet little snuggler. She stayed nearby while I did some internet research...Brushing up on natural birth, and finding the best deal on an Arm's Reach co-sleeper. I've tried to order it from Arm's Reach about 3 times, without success. Finally it dawned on my that I might need to get it from someone else. Sure enough, Amazon has them for about $50 less.

Today I'm hoping that slow and steady will win the race. I put on a load of laundry and set the timer...Then I work till it's done. When the next load is in, I let myself get off my feet for a few minutes. All morning I have rotated laundry, cleaning, homeschooling Elizabeth, caring for the little ones, and short breaks. It still feels like I'm walking through deep mud, but I have made headway in a few key areas.

Noon has come and gone. I warmed up leftovers for lunch, but my food isn't pretty and the kitchen is a mess, so I didn't take pictures. This is the time of day where I so often lose focus. I have to remind myself to stay on task and not get bogged down in all there is to do. Laundry's still rolling, the timer is set. I have about an hour to finish my days' work before Billy gets home--early, since he left so early this morning.

The kids play in their tree house just about every spare minute. It's only a couple feet off the ground, but they think they are on top of the world.

My two oldest asked if they could wash their vehicles (bikes, scooters, and various other wheeled toys). I said sure, if they didn't get too wet...I wasn't holding my breath though. I wasn't counting on the huge mud pit they created though. I won't share pictures of that either. Let me just say the 4yo looked like he belonged in a mud wrestling competition. Lack of appropriate attire and all. I'm laughing now, but I wasn't then. Instead, here's a cute shot of the three musketeers--or perhaps I should call them the three partners in crime. They do just about everything together.

Toddler feet are so adorable, especially when the toddler is napping. I love spending time with my babies, but I love nap time too. That quiet interlude in the middle of the day...

It's now 6:45. I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and then we ran by Shoney's for an early supper since we had free kid's meal coupons. I should have had my camera--their food was pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, some of the chicken strips were raw in the middle and we didn't realize it till after we had eaten some. The manager gave us a nice discount, but more than that, we hope we don't get sick.


After we got home I spent a few minutes taking pictures outside. Does anyone know if this is Japanese plum? It's growing in our back yard. Actually it seems that the trunk is on our neighbor's property, barely, but it spills over into ours. It is loaded with fruit. It's a joy to live in a place where fresh fruit is so abundant. It sometimes reminds me of the garden of Eden, with the warmth, humidity, and frequent cloud cover--plants seem to grow freakishly fast and produce exceptional amounts of fruit.

As I type this, I know I need to go wash dishes, but Sarah (who's almost 3) is standing behind me combing my hair and monologuing. I don't have the heart to move just yet.


Billy's officiating a wedding tomorrow so he had the rehearsal tonight. He wasn't gone long, but I got the kids ready for bed and he got home just in time to pray with them and hug them good night.


I planned to at least light a candle and have a cup of tea before bed, but by the time I finished the dishes I was honestly too tired. Instead, Billy and I watched a couple episodes of Hogan's Heroes and then we were out like lights. Sweet dreams!


Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

Hello Charity

What a busy day you have had - thanks for sharing it with all of us.

Take care

AnnMarie said...

My first reaction is that it might be a medlar. I've never seen one in person, so no clue. Try a web search to see pics. Two things lean away from plum for me--the long leaves and the way the fruit is attached and shaped.

If it is a medlar, let us know. They sound so cool, albeit also pretty weird, but interesting and unusual and no one has them.

Jenny said...

Hi Charity, I think the fruit is a loquat and the fruit is yellow when it is ripe.
How lovely to have your hair combed while you write, delicious. You have a lovely family.

Mobunny said...

I like the windows and the little feet, but I cannot watch Hogan's Heroes.
I couldn't understand it as a kid...and maybe I couldn't understand it now!

Still at Home said...

That was a lovely post. Those sleeping feet are beautiful. I hope you all stay well after that meal. I shall go and read your psalm.

Donetta said...

It is so fun to have a glimpse into your world. I think that may be a fig tree. Those little feet will grow far too fast.