Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Daily Routine

Just the very basics--to be adjusted as necessary!

Morning—Before 10

Quiet time

Dress and comb everyone

Make beds/tidy rooms

Breakfast--hard boiled eggs and fruit or granola bars and fruit

Supper in crock pot

Bread in machine

1 load laundry


Mid-morning snack-veggies & dip/nuts/goldfish/pb crackers/popcorn—outside!

2nd load laundry



PB&J or burritos+fruit, chips, and/or cookies

10 minute tidy

Story time, if possible!


Naps/quiet time


2 loads laundry

Finish supper


10 minute tidy/clean rooms

Eat supper

Wash dishes

Thaw meat for next day

Lay out clothes for next day

Everyone bathe/brush teeth


Patty said...

sounds like a busy productive day. Makes my day seem a bit lazy : )

Jen said...

I think this is the schedule of an organized, yet realistic mom of three anticipating the arival of #4 very soon! It's always good to be flexible. Praying for these last few weeks for you!

Rebecca said...

I'm behind a bit on my blog-reading, but I was thinking about you today ...

Nice, workable schedule. Although it does seem like alot of laundry. ;)