Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Early to bed
Early to rise
Makes a man healthy,
And wise.

-Ben Franklin

I grew up in a family of early-to-bedders and early risers, and I never remember feeling excessively tired as a child. I slowly got away from it, but I find right now, as I'm well into the third trimester of pregnancy, that I especially need adequate rest. It takes a lot of energy to sustain the life of another human being that now weighs several pounds.

I've heard that pre-midnight sleep hours are several times more effective than hours slept after midnight, and it seems true for me. I can sleep 8 hours starting at midnight and feel exhausted all day, or 8 hours starting at 10pm and get through my day with plenty of energy (especially when I'm not pregnant).

I've been staying up till 11:00 or so for the past few weeks, and yesterday I reached the end of my rope, physically and emotionally. Last night I headed to bed around 8:30 and Oh My! What a difference it made! I feel like a new person today.

I'm a slow learner, so I'm trying to keep this in mind for future days. Early to bed is good. Especially now.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Sometimes I just think I'm invincible and can keep going and going without taking care of myself. But even grown-ups need rest and good food!

Jen said...

Charlie's family, while he was growing up, always went to bed all at the same time--around 9:00-9:30. Charlie said the same thing, that he never remembers feeling tired. We stay up much later now and always feel tired. I think maybe we need to re-examine out approach, too. Especially with another one on the way who will have no concept of day or night:)

Anonymous said...


The problem is you married a late to bed, late to rise man! You've been seriously corrupted.

Your pastor from Tabernacle

Charity Grace said...

Mrs. M--yes, I think we all fall prey to that idea that we should be able to do everything without taking care of ourselves. Reality kicks in after awhile!

Jen, I agree, getting to bed at a decent time will be even more critical after baby comes. I have several other people to take care of now...

Pastor, for the past few years it's been more like burning the candle at both ends. I joke that he inherited the "sleep is optional" gene. Somehow that doesn't work so well for me...

Constance said...

Thanks for stopping by today! It is exciting to put wings on our dreams of building a cabin. I hope it will be something that could endure and be passed down and enjoyed by our family, after we're gone. What a wonderful legacy!

I am someone who is an early riser. I enjoy the quiet and solitude before everyone else gets up and the crazinees of the day begins. I'm usually up by 5:30 and ideally in bed by 10PM. Of course, I'm not pregnant but I have found that 7 hours works best for me. 6 or 8 hours is either not enough or too much. I am not a night owl, that's for certain!

Have a blessed day!

nannykim said...

I have heard the same thing about going to bed earlier--that sleep that occurs before 11 is better than what occurs after. My problem is I like staying up after everyone is in bed--it gives me a chance to unwind. If I go to bed too early I sleep fitfully. Perhaps, however, it is a matter of habit.

jennifer said...

Oh no, I have never heard the bit about pre-midnight sleep. Boy am I ever sleep deprived then. Being a night owl, I find that it fianlly creeps up on me and I have to crash. A three hour daytime nap usually does it, ever so often! Interesting post and I hope you continue feeling well in your preganacy. Jen

TulipGirl said...

I'm a slow learner, too. . . and my mom (lovingly) lectured me on good sleep just this week.