Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Frugal Container Repurpose

As any regular readers know, I'm all about using what I have in my hand. Our new house is large, but the master bathroom is tiny, with 6 inches of counter space and one very small cabinet for storage. I have to get creative.

When I was given a pretty bath set in this tin, I knew just what I'd use it for. On the back of the commode, it saves counter or cabinet space, and washcloths are always in easy reach.

The creamy box is an old keepsake video box, just right for small toiletries.

Don't you just love the mint green tiles? OK, I'm kidding. Hopefully they will go one day. Meanwhile, I'll be content with what I have. My dad grew up without indoor plumbing. I can hardly complain!


erica said...

Pretty! Our bathroom is tiny too... We have 2 inches of counter on each side of the sink. :P We also use the back of the toilet to hold things like the tissue box! lol

I love tins. I'm always saving them if I happen to get one as a gift, or if I buy something that comes in one. They are so handy, and often very pretty!

Donetta said...

This is a great post. I love the cup idea. I think that I will copy you. The mint green can go a few different directions. Look for a summer color palate. It is the base green of that season of colors. Ocean colors of blues and purple lavender or soft yellow and white. Lots of ways you can take it.